Investment Policy/招商政策

Yongchun Knitting - As a professional business fashion underwear brand, has always been standing in the market the forefront of industry trends, leading the market trend, determined to create "first-class service, stylish decoration, the public price" brand chain.
Yongchun knitted with senior professional background, a leading business model, improve the product system, very competitiveness of price, to provide investors with an excellent platform for business and profits, and strive to invest in a successful one, profit a.
Brand advantage
Yongchun implementation of the "unified brand and unified image, unified advocacy, uniform price, unified service, unified distribution," a six-under unified management.
Talent Advantage
Yongchun company has the industry's well-known professional operational teams. The opening to provide you with professional support, a sound knowledge of the industry training, professional skills training and store sales operations and management guidance to help you quickly become the underwear industry experts.
A professional R & D team and provide consumers with fashion products, complete product range.
Product positioning high-quality, medium low-cost, the most in line with the mass market.
Sound returned policy, reducing operational risk.
Regional Advantage
Executive "limit shop, regional protect" the basic policy of joining to protect the client's market space. Customer fully enjoy the regional exclusive rights.
E-commerce advantages
Company to provide a unified professional ERP software, Invoicing to achieve real-time management, store operations to provide professional analysis. See sample can be achieved online, electronic orders, electronic payment, rapid realization of commodity circulation. Company Information department will provide you with a professional IT services to achieve e-business office.
Publicity Advantage
Company to provide a unified media advertising and enjoy arising from headquarters in return for brand awareness and brand recognition to bring the overall efficiency. VI stores provide free image of a unified design, decoration program to promote the DVD commercials, POP, posters, pictures and so on.
Investment Advantages
Protect the franchisee's reasonable profit margin, allowing you to maximize profits.
To assist the establishment of franchisee financial system, adjust the financial operations, rational deployment of existing resources, to provide a monthly analysis of accounts monthly table for you to achieve the minimum investment, maximum return.